Wednesday, March 22, 2006

More people want seafood

Patricia Duncan, aquaculture extension specialist and assistant professor at Fort Valley State University, in a recent interview reported by Ayanna McPhail
(Telegraph Staff Writer), said that people are flocking to seafood.

Some of this new demand appears to be driven by the media on mad cow and bird flu. However Duncan also said that more Americans are seeking healthy meals, which sometimes lead their appetites to fish, shrimp and mollusks.

"Each year the demand for seafood grows, and as the population grows, it's predicted that we won't be able to meet seafood needs," Duncan said. "We're going to have to depend on a way to meet our seafood needs in the future."

Further into the article Ducan said "Fishing techniques are so efficient these days that entire stocks of fish have been wiped out, and aren't coming back because the adult fish are taken and can't reproduce".

The same article also talks about Sandy Miller who switched his work and his lifestyle from an information technology consultant to a full-time catfish farmer in Jenkins County.

"My friends say I am a country boy wannabe, so I must admit that it's been a transition," said Miller, a 52-year-old who moved from Atlanta.

The news article titled:
High tide for seafood
Aquaculture going swimmingly in rural Georgia

Can be found at This Link

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